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The Niger Delta region of Nigeria

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» environmental     assessment
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The UNEP Mission in Ogoniland

UNEP teams of experts will conduct field-based assessments in over 300 sites to identify the impacts of oil on environmental systems such as land, water, agriculture, fisheries and air – as well as the indirect effects on biodiversity and human health.

The findings of the environmental assessment will be used to determine the appropriate levels of remediation needed to rehabilitate the land to a condition that is environmentally acceptable, on the basis of international standards.

The project will be undertaken in a manner that maximizes benefits to the community – through employment, capacity-building, information and consultation (for more information on these activities, see the community section of this website).

» Ogoniland's oil history
   why is an environmental assessment needed?
» mission background
   how did UNEP become engaged in Ogoniland?