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State of the Environment Report
A comprehensive investigation was conducted into the overall condition of the Liberian environment. It was the first assessment of this kind to have occurred on a national scale in Liberia, following the years of civil unrest. This resulted in establishing a baseline for monitoring environmental conditions and trends. Liberia’s first State of the Environment Report was published, June 2007.
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Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy
An Environment Working Group (EWG), chaired by the EPA, has been established under Liberia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) to mainstream environmental issues across all sectors. The EWG composed of 32 members, including government and non-governmental stakeholders as well as international organisations, prepared an Environmental Strategy Brief to prioritise the key environmental challenges and actions to be carried out under the PRS from 2008-2011.
Follow-up steps include developing poverty-environment indicators and costing of interventions. The Joint UNDP-UNEP Poverty Environment Facility is providing technical assistance to support the work of the EWG. The Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) for Liberia is being coordinated by the Ministry of Finance and was launched in August 2007 and is due to be completed by March 2008.
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   accompanying executive

Liberian Biodiversity Country Study
In association with UNEP, this report provides a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the range and scope of biological diversity within Liberia.
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Liberian Convention to Combat Desertification
This report focuses on potential constraints and omissions within the Liberian framework for which action is required to enable obligations for the implementation of the ‘Convention to Combat Desertification’ to be met.
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Liberian Climate Change Report
A detailed study of the existing capacity within various institutions in Liberia and their ability to meet with the obligations of the UNFCCC. Recommendations are made for strengthening where appropriate.
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National Adaptation Programme of Action
In association with UNEP and GEF, this report provides an overview of the state of the environment in Liberia. It addresses priorities for action to combat and mitigate the effects of climate change.
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Logging activities in south Liberia
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January 2008
New website will bring the EPA of Liberia to a worldwide audience.
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December 2007
Bali Roadmap
Liberia's official statement on the climate change conference.
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August 2007
The Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) for Liberia is launched.
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