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The EPA strategy is based on the belief that the protection and sustainable management of Liberia’s natural resources is key for laying the foundations for a healthy environment and a healthy future for the Liberian people.

Our working methodology is based on the principle that the environment impacts upon the life of all Liberians, and that the future generations have the right to share in the benefits of our country’s diverse natural resources. The goal of the EPA is therefore to implement policy that ensures the long-term economic prosperity of Liberia through sustainable, social and economic development to meet the needs of present generations – without compromising the potential of future generations to meet their needs.

To this approach, all EPA projects are undertaken with a view to promoting environmental awareness, encouraging public understanding and participating in the implementation of Liberia’s environmental laws.
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Logging activities in south Liberia
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January 2008
New website will bring the EPA of Liberia to a worldwide audience.
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December 2007
Bali Roadmap
Liberia's official statement on the climate change conference.
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August 2007
The Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) for Liberia is launched.
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