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The EPA’s major areas of focus include the formulation of a national environmental policy, the drafting of a comprehensive framework for environmental protection and natural resources management law, and reporting on the current status of the environment in Liberia.

Liberia is a country rich in natural resources, such as: iron ore, gold, diamonds and timber as well as a possible emerging oil sector. It is also home to one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world.

The EPA effectively monitor and manage the Liberian environment to prevent these precious resources from being overexploited, by implementing policy to ensure good governance and conservation.

The Agency is responsible for the following functions:
  • Collecting and disseminating environmental data and concerns;
  • Proposing environmental policies and strategies to the Policy Council;
  • Establishing integration of environmental concerns into national development planning;
  • Helping build the capacity of ministries and agencies in dealing with the environment in Liberia;
  • Investigating reports of pollution and environmental degradation;
  • Identifying projects, activities and programs for which environmental impact assessment must be conducted under the EPA act;
  • Ensuring the preservation of important historic, cultural and spiritual values of natural resources heritage;
  • Encouraging public awareness of Liberia’s environmental issues;
  • Promoting regional cooperation on matters relating to the environment.
For full information on the EPA’s functions and responsibilities, please browse mandate.
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Logging activities in south Liberia
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