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NRC Internal Guidelines – Timber Procurement and Specifications (NRC 2006)

Practical and technical guide with pictures and measurements about building supplies such as timber and bamboo. The guidelines cover the procurement process, environmental considerations in needs assessments and a preface discussing the negative environmental impacts from timber use. Discusses legal aspects of timber procurement and sustainable certification.



Sustainable Procurement Guidelines for Motor Vehicles: Background Report
(UNEP and Fleet Forum 2008)

Particular to the humanitarian sector, the report explains the negative environmental impacts from motor vehicles and possibilities to reduce the impact.  Specific topics include: vehicle maintenance, driving behavior, emission control techniques, fuel systems and clean fuels.

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EPEAT: Green Electronics Made Easy

Website database to search for electronic products that pass EPEAT environmental standards, are high quality and are affordable.  More than 1300 products in 40 countries.



GreenScor: Developing A Green Supply Chain Analytical Tool
(LMI Government Consulting 2003)

Presentation discusses metrics and best practices in developing a greener supply chain.  Some sections may apply to humanitarian sector.

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Unilever Green IT Program

Explains methods and technology Unilever has adopted to reduce the negative impacts on environment from IT operations.  Some methods could be applied to humanitarian setting.

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Best Practices in Green Supply Chains (LMI Government Consulting 2005)

Presentation shows where negative environmental impacts occur, methods for improvement and case studies.  Strong link with reducing costs. Presentation designed for private sector, but applies to humanitarian actors.

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Timber for Aceh: Timber Suppliers Contact Details (WWF 2005)

Detailed directory of Forest Stewardship Council Certification timber suppliers in different countries.  May be used for humanitarian relief procurement.