As a vulnerable population, individuals with HIV/AIDS are more prone to disease and lost income when humanitarian sectors do not account for environmental issues in WASH, health or agriculture, for example. Consequently, individuals with HIV/AIDS who previously managed natural resources or contributed to agriculture are often absent in the planning and response programs due to their illness.

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The Environment, Natural Resources and HIV/AIDS (SIDA 2003)

Policy paper meant to guide the design of development programmes by pointing out the linkages between HIV/AIDS and environment/natural resources. Covers rural communities in Africa, falling incomes and labor, effects on agriculture, livestock production, forestry and water.

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Addressing HIV/AIDS Through Environmental Assessment

Report offers guidance and checklist questions to use when assessing linkages between HIV/AIDS programmes with the environment. Intended for development sector, but applies to humanitarian programmes as well.

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HIV/AIDS and the Natural Environment (Lori Hunter, Population
Reference Bureau)

Report explains linkages between HIV/AIDS and natural resources in poor countries, especially Africa.