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2005 Global Refugee Trends: Statistical Overview of Populations of Refugees
Hamadab Dam Project: Critical Juncture for Peace, Democracy, and the Environment: Sudan and the Merowe/Hamadab Dam Project
Beyond Firewood: Fuel Alternatives and Protection Strategies for Displaced Women and Girls
Capacity Building for Sustainable Development: An overview of UNEP environmental capacity development initiatives.
Challenges facing returnees in Sudan
Country Pasture Forage Resource Profiles Sudan
Darfur’s turbulent times
Developments in Forestry Education in the Sudan
Ecology, Politics and Violent Conflict
The United Nations Work Plan for the Sudan 2005
Forest Genetic Resources
Forestry and the Development of a National Forestry Extension Service: A Sudan Case Study
Fuels 2006: a survey of the humanitarian fuels situation in the context of humanitarian and peacekeeping operations
Fues 2006: a survey of the humanitarian fuels situation in the context of humanitarian and peace keeping operations
I n t e r n a l Di s p l a c e m e n t: global overview of trends and developments in 2005
Guns or Growth? Assessing the impact of arms sales on sustainable development
Improving Traditional Grassland Agriculture in Sudan
Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) Volume I: Framework for Sustained Peace, Development and Poverty Eradication
Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) Volume III: Cluster Reports
Juba Assessment Report: Sudan Local Governance and Capacity Building through Strategic Participatory Town Planning.
Manual on Compliance with and Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
New appeal for drought-hit Sudan
Official Sudan Oil and Gas Summit
Oil and Violence in Sudan
Profile of Internal Displacement: Sudan
Raising the stakes: Oil and conflict in Sudan
Report and Recommendation of the President for the Western Sudan Resources Management Programme
Ridding the World of POPs: a guide to the stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.
Rising Tensions over the Nile River Basin
Scarcity and Surfeit: the ecology of Africa's Conflicts
Statistical Year Book 2001
Strategic Action Programme for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
Studies on consumption of forest products in the Sudan - Woodfuel consumption in the household sector
Country Operations plan - Sudan: overview
Sudan Country Profile 2006
Sudan Millennium Development Goals: Interim Unified Report
Sudan to ship 400,000 barrels of new crude
Sudan Millennium Development Goals : Interim Unified Report
Summary Report Darfur Rapid Environment Impact Assessment
Sustainable return depends on collaborative approach
The Nuba Mountains of Sudan: Resource access, violent conflict, and identity
The scorched earth: oil and war in Sudan
Tide of censure for African dams
Populations of Concern to UNHCR: A Statistical Overview
Urban Intensification in Metropolitan Khartoum: Influential Factors, Benefits and Applicability
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Links to Health
Fact sheet: Sudan - Women, agriculture and rural development
2006 Work Plan for Sudan
Analysis of Nine Conflicts in Sudan
Brief Overview of Sudan Economy and Future Prospects for Agricultural Development
Ecology Textbook for the Sudan
Independent Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Merowe Dam Project
Experience Sharing Tour and Workshop on Shelterbelts and Fuel Wood Substitutes in Sudan
Forest Resources of Tropical Africa Part II Country briefs
Gash Sustainable Livelihoods Regeneration Project
Gezira Scheme
Grasslands of the world
Identification and concentration of organochlorine residues in blood of Sudanese workers at Gezira Agricultural scheme
Inter-Country Workshop On Public Health Pesticides Management In The Context Of The Stockholm Convention On Persistent Organic P
Lateritic Soils in Distinct Tropical Environments: Southern Sudan and Brazil
Local governance to secure access to land and water in the lower Gash watershed, The Sudan
Management Of Public Health Pesticides In Sudan
National Report to the Fifth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests
Nuba Mountains Land and Natural Resources Study
Southern Sudan: Antelope Survey Update No. 5
State of Forest Genetic Resources in Sudan
A Country Study: Sudan
The Impact of Conflict on Wildlife and Food Security: The Case of Boma
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Description: The community and household surveys of the communities in and around the Boma National Park have clearly shown apparent deterioration in the food security situation in terms of level of consumption, assets base, access to health, water and sanitation and education and kinship support as well. The traditional livelihood activities such as crops production and livestock rearing used to provide during pre-conflict period a healthy, secured and sustained livelihood for most communities even during minor ecological shocks such as drought or floods. Confronting the increasing internal conflict that has been exacerbated by ecological shocks, the communities are becoming more reliant on wildlife and environmentally related livelihoods activities such as hunting, fishing and wild food collection. The wildlife and environmentally related livelihood activities that used to contribute between 17% - 36% of the overall household livelihoods, contribute now as high as 57% of the overall livelihoods while the contribution of the traditional livelihood activities has substantially declined reaching as low as 7% among the pastoralist communities.

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Watershed Erosion and Sediment Transport.
Prevention and disposal of obsolete and unwanted pesticide stocks in Africa and the Near East.
Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs warns of Sudan disaster 600,000 people at immediate risk of starvation
UNHCR Global Appeal 2006
Vector Control Situation within the Context of Sectoral Coordination in Sudan