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Sudan Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment, June 2007. Entire report:
English PDF (35 Mb)

Synthesis Report – Sudan Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment.
English PDF | French PDF | Arabic PDF
Sudan Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment, by chapters:
Foreword and Executive Summary
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Country Context
Chapter 3 – Natural Disasters
Chapter 4 – Conflict and the Environment
Chapter 5 – Population Displacement
Chapter 6 – Urban Environment
Chapter 7 – Industry and the Environment
Chapter 8 – Agriculture and the Environment
Chapter 9 – Forest Resources
Chapter 10 – Freshwater Resources
Chapter 11 – Wildlife and Protected Areas
Chapter 12 – Marine Environments
Chapter 13 – Environmental Governance
Chapter 14 – International Aid
Chapter 15 – Conclusions

The case for drought preparedness - Report of the UNEP mission to review water resource management at IDP camps and host communities in Darfur during February & March 2008
English PDF

Destitution, distortion and deforestation - The impact of conflict on the timber and woodfuel trade in Darfur,
November 2008
English PDF

Technical documentation

UNEP and Partners in Sudan Joint Programme on Environment and Natural Resource Management, November 2007 .
English PDF

UNEP Sudan Programme Overview,
June 2008.
English PDF

Darfur Timber and Energy Project,
July 2008.
English PDF